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In every moment is the opportunity to connect, influence and ultimately impact your collective. 

Think about every interaction you've had today. Every single one.


A clear identity, consistent in every interaction, connects people to your core. We’re here to nail your identity and help you share it in the most powerful way. We're storytellers.


First, lets get clear on why.

For others to connect to who we are, we first need to get clear on that ourselves.

Connecting to our values, culture and purpose opens up a future we might never have thought possible.

What does that future look like?


Every interaction is equally important. Every one, a chance to connect and add value.

Like when we choose friends, we want to know what we are getting ourselves into. No one wants a friend who isn't who we thought they were.

Make the most out of every interaction, as if that were to be the one you are remembered by.


When we listen to our people we can connect on a deeper level.

Relationships are two way. There’s a shared sense of purpose there; when we can can tap into that, it’s infectious. Our circle grows and your friends become our friends.


Originally from London, Canada, I moved to Whistler before I rooted in Sydney where I live my life on the Northern Beaches, and have gotten quite used to that beach lifestyle.

I've spent three years with lululemon. lululemon is renowned for its incredible culture, around connection and development. It didn’t take long for me to be hooked. I found a new passion in training and development, and my love for people grew exponentially. I quickly jumped into a leadership role, and knew that this entrepreneurial life was one that I wanted to be a part of. 

My passions lie in people development, collaboration, and connection. I love connecting and elevating others by sharing my knowledge. 


Relator | Futuristic | Connectedness | Positivity | Includer

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I spent my childhood in country New Zealand; in a town so small getting their first roundabout just made the front page of the local newspaper. So small that there’s no other option than to genuinely connect with one another. I can appreciate that now.

I’ve spent two years with lululemon driving community engagement. In that time, I have really developed an understanding of how the power of storytelling can create a shift in your connection to a brand and its culture.

I live for thinking big. To create moments that people remember, that make them feel inspired to share what makes them come alive.   


Futuristic | Competition | Command | Activator | Maximiser