Meet Janice

I’ve always thought of myself as a bit different from who I was meant to be.

My life has consisted of sport, friends, family and lots of love. I had an amazing upbringing with parents that are second to none. I was always told that I could do or be anything in the world, and I had the support of my family 100% of the time, through any crazy decision that I may have made. I was lucky, and am so grateful to everyone who has entered my life.

Coming to Australia wasn’t a hard decision for me. It was a place where I could totally see myself living at some point, and the lifestyle was hard to say no to. I finally found a place where I felt like I belonged, a place where I could show up as the (for lack of a better term) ‘free-spirit’ that everyone labelled me as. A place I could see myself staying for a long time.

Splitting from my Aussie partner was one of the worst/best experiences of my life. In that, I was faced with one of the biggest challenges; finding out who I am, in a foreign country, without him. For so long I identified as his partner. Everyone knew me as his girlfriend from Canada, and for some reason, I fell into that mould, ignoring the things that were actually happening, and ignoring the person who I truly was inside. I lost a bit of myself in that relationship, but like with anything, the things I learned out of that was worth it.

I learned that settling for a mediocre life wasn’t on for me. I learned that I needed someone who supports me 100%, no matter what, and I learned that part of my purpose here is to be a stand for what life can look like, what it should be, and that living a life of unhappiness and stress is soooooo not worth it.

My experience at Lululemon has also had a big influence on who I am today. In particular, one of my closest friends, and my first manager Joanne. She taught me the power of clear communication. She taught me that standing for something you believe in is power. She taught me that knowing, and being a stand for your own worth is one of the most important things, and she steered me in the direction that I am taking today. I’ve never met someone who truly loves people as much as she does. Who is unapologetically themselves 100% of the time, and who will stand by my side no matter what kind of life decision I make for myself. She has impacted my life in a way that she’ll never actually know, and I wouldn’t be the person who sits here today without her.

When I look at myself I see someone who cares about people. Someone who wants to make a difference. Someone who has so much to give when it comes to experience and advice, and someone who just wants to share everything that I have learned, like the leaders I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life. Taking this leap just makes sense to me. It’s not always going to be easy. We’re going to have to work through some shit I'm sure, but the feeling of jumping two feet into something you love makes it all worth it.

I knew I could be the person I always knew I was, it just took a couple things to happen along the way.